One down, five to go

Art Director's Take FiveI woke up late for Branding Strategies and therefore an hour late to Branding Strategies. I stayed up all night laying out the paperwork for our project and decided to take a quick 30 minute nap. That nap ended up being an hour and 30 minute nap! But after all is said and done, our presentation went off without a hitch. Elena was there to crit today, which was engaging as usual, but the majority of crit was done by most of them class. I’m just glad to be done with one final!

Tonight I’ll be up working on my next final which is paper for Critical Practice with John Brumfeld. I like his class, and plan on taking his Advertising and Propoganda class next term, perhaps even Critical Practice 2.

I’m registering for classes tomorrow at 1pm. Going to take two Ad Studios, perhaps three if Mikio lets me into the Agency. I’m trying to take some Graphics classes as well, just seems like the work is getting thicker for its own good. I’m getting scared of taking more than 3 studios, which is scary to me. I keep telling myself that I should be used to this, but for some reason I’m bombarding myself with more studio work. It’s like I want to do it all! Gotta learn to calm down and let the lessons soak in.

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