Week 12

Had TV Concepts today and Lee and the class liked my idea for my commercial. The assignment to pick an attribute about ourselves and create a self-promo. I picked my height. I did pretty good, but it was Josephine who really went the extra mile for this assignment. Her idea was awesome! I would tell you what it was, but I’m being vague on purpose just in case she (or me, if I wanted to STEAL it from her–muhahahaha) wanted to the sell the idea one day.

Other than that, I worked on branding strategies today, all day. Matter of fact I’m just finishing up printing up the written part as I type this. Three weeks just wasn’t enough to get this project conceptualized and crafted. If I hadn’t explained it in previous blogs, the assignment was to make a trash can conveying the brand attributes from well-known brands. Our team’s was Coca-Cola.

As if all of us weren’t stressed out already, the shit really hit the fan today as I had to stop my teammates from literally physically fighting each other. Well, at least the girl that is. I could’ve sworn she was close to smacking the guy. To make a long story (and a lot of bitching) the problem is still not resolved and I’m afraid that a temper like that just leads to other personal issues within. It’s a shame that she let it get to the team.

Still, for a minute there I could’ve sworn they were fucking each other, by the intensity of her hate for this guy. We’ll see tomorrow morning. I have to make a presentation about this in about 3 hours. I don’t plan on sleeping much this morning.

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