TDS or not to TDS?

Another final done! 4 more to go in these next two weeks. Thank God. I must have gotten 12 hours of sleep last night. So tired.

Today I have to worked on my thesis for Art of Research. Still need to do some work for tomorrow. Planning two parties this term: one, a going away party for D; and two, a party party for everyone.

I went to the travel agent today to book my flight for Taipei. I was going to go with my mom. But when we got there I saw this better deal for Japan, which was about half as much. I know I had my heart set on Taipei, but I also don’t want to spend unnecessarily. I’m thinking about just calling the whole thing off. I’m not too sure that this is a good time to be spending money right now.

Registered for classes yesterday and added a ShootSell class today. Don’t know if I want to get in there yet because I discovered that there is a TDS Proctor and Gamble project that opened up. It’s a branding course and I’ll be working with ID Majors. Kinda left field for me and my major but I’m interested because it has to do with Branding, a subject that I’ve recently found fascinating. I’m up in arms still about those classes.

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