Last week of at Halftime

Academic finals are done and last projects of the week are wrapping up for my ADV studios. Its nice to have a night like tonight to actually sit and think about shit. Don’t know how I did in my academics classes yet, but I’m sure I did alright. Have to get on the ball tomorrow and catch up with all the assignments. Have four more final projects to go, yet somehow the task doesn’t seem too daunting in the light that for the next couple days I’ll be free to work on stuff.

I was thinking about just hitting the gym tonight in order to catch up with my workout regimen. For the past two to three weeks I’ve been trying to make time in order to at least run around the Rose Bowl once. I’ve gotten away with two days or so, but I’m beginning to feel a bit sluggish. My diet has definitely sunk. I feel as if I’ve picked up anything in order to stay awake.

As for the trip, I’m contemplating still going to Taipei, although the cost is way too high and I’m afraid that I still haven’t found anyone to go with. I’m going to give it another day, and if I can’t find anyone, then I guess I’m left with an option to just postpone the trip to another time. I’m still seeing about this.

After this week I’ll officially be on my way to 5th term. Wow how time flies! And it’s only been a year.

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