One ‘Mo Gain!

AdCon2 Final, SUM '09

Five down, one to go. I have two days to get this last final done. Things have slowed down significantly, and I feel like I’m not in such a rush rush rush to finish this for tomorrow. Thank God!

Had a good final for AdCon2. Finished up three campaigns and set up a good presentation.I did an Avante Garde piece for Intro to Copy, pushing the envelope to display a street campaign. Sarah, my instructor, loved it. TV Concepts was excellent. Did a full presentation with integrated cross-promotion within my advertising. Now just finishing up work for submission to the gallery that is due by tomorrow morning.

This term was altogether tough. As much time that I put into my work in these last weeks, I had a pretty tough time getting myself off the ground at the beginning of the term. (Plus, I had the Munkey King on top of all that!) I can honestly say that six classes ain’t shit anymore. I’ve knocked it out the park dammit! I felt like I’ve grown a lot; understanding my own creative process and how that comes together with my experience in marketing and promotion. I feel like it’s all coming together a bit. Creatively, I don’t feel like I’m blind pissing in the dark anymore. Branding Strategies and AdCon2 helped with my focus. All in all, this term brought unexpected results.

I feel like this term was all about “ugly” for me, or rather and exploration into the somewhat Avant Garde; finding the capacity to not make everything so goddamned perfect all the time. Because to me, everything I see looks so fucking perfect all the time! This was really a personal exploration into the unknown, and for me to really experiment with the threshold of “making”. I discovered new philosophies like Jeet Kun Do (believe it or not) and with the help of other instructors, I feel like I’ve really grown this term as a designer, and a person.

Me and some other Ad Munkeyz visited Mikio today after his AdCon1 class at South Campus. I love that guy! He gave us the werd on The Agency and what it took to submit work there. He gave us some helpful advice and let us know that 5th term is tough, we might have to wait it out a bit before applying. Although, I do feel like I am ready to take on the task, I see that my schedule has filled up pretty fast. I remember writing to Mikio at the beginning of this term to thank him for such and awesome class. He wrote back and remember he told me to “be brave” and to continue to take chances with my work. I took his advice to heart. Henceforth, the Avant Garde. I mean, really put my best foot forward and stepped out of my comfort zone like Indiana Jones in “The Last Crusade” where he put his put forward and stepped on that faux ledge. This, my classes, new philosopies, the Munkey King, really made my term all the worth it.

But what has made this half-time experience at ACCD so worthwhile are my colleagues. Even as I type this, my buddy Timothy Chen has just scored an Internship at McCann in Taiwan. Unfortunately for me, I’m postponing my trip until Winter. But man, it would’ve been dope if we both went.

But yea, I feel like I’ve really had a really good experience with the people in my term. It’s so true that it’s your fellow students, not your instructors, that really raise the bar for everyone. This term my colleagues did not disappoint. Josephine’s “Everything I touch turns to gay” vid, the animatics in TV concepts, Suzanne’s “24 Hour Terror” campaign signs, Tim’s Bose gatefolds, Euan’s Chocolate Obsession montage, and Mindy’s Proactive newspaper ads are just some of the awesome things my colleagues had contributed in my creative thinking this term. I feel entirely fortunate.

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