I’m bitching tonight because I had the chance to go and visit some old friends at a birthday party and ended up that I couldn’t because I needed to stay home to get the rest of my work done for finals. It sucks. A lot of my old colleagues would have been there, especially my first mentor Junk One. I’m stuck at home and dead tired, and quite frankly, at times like these it’s hard to see the point to all of this.

On another note, I feel fat as fuck because I haven’t work out in like a week, my nutrition has gone to shit, and I’m sexually frustrated. If only I can get through this week I will be better. Ya, right now I’m just frustrated as fuck. I know I’ll be better if I like eat something or drink some Coke or some shit. But ya, can’t see the point of all this right now. It’s a moment of pure hopelessness. I wonder if anyone can relate? This fucking sucks. FML moment number 4,080.

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