Vacation has begun!

Kicked off my term break with a private training session with Tee Trainer Extraordinaire in Encino while nursing a hangover from partying too much the night before. Ugh, I’m getting to old for partying…either way, good times and yet again have triumphed in drinking way too much. At least I had some sort of control when it came to portion, but not too late as I soon found out by throwing up and passing out on my friend’s couch.

This morning was no forgiveness for me neither. Tee showed me some core workouts that I have yet to master. Yea, that shit is hard shit. So I’m going to be going to him two a week during break and probably once a week during school. I figured that if I can handle the mental workout and fatigue of Art Center, then I can direct that same focus to my physique as well.

Right now, I’m waiting for my buddy Chic to pick me up so we can go shooting at LAX. We’re also going with our buddy Dave. Both of them are photogs and hopefully we’ll be able to learn some technique from each other. Werd

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