Midway Mancation Weekend

The Mancation Moustache

It’s almost midway through the break and I still have to do a lot. I’ve been working out regularly, but unfortunately I had to drop out due to my budget. Need to update my portfolio pieces and finish up that stuff for The Munkey King. Also, took a class in Blogs with Jen O’Sullivan. She offered some great advice on improving my blog. I’m working on getting onto that asap.

My buddy Alekhine has his bachelor party coming up and I’m nearly all bushed out growing my “mancation moustache”. Most of the guys on the trip are growing out our mustaches in order to make this all a little bit more “manly”. haha And those who can’t grow said facial hair will be provided one either by dry erase marker or otherwise. We’re all going up to Big Bear and doing manly things like chopping wood, mountain biking, bear wrestling, and mountain lion wrangling. Sound be loads of fun!

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