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So I just spent a shitload of doe subscribing to two more quarterly publications. I already have a subscription to Lüerzers Archive, but just now bought yearlies to Communication Arts and Creativity Magazine. The student rate took a while to find on Creativity, but as soon as filled out their mailing list info, I got a link to the mamajamma.

Here are the student links for you just in case you’d want a subscription as well:

Lüerzers Archive: $39/year or $130/2years You need to verify that you’re a student by scanning your student ID and providing your chair’s name and email. A good quarterly mag highlighting ads from across the globe. Great source of inspiration and networking.

Communication Arts: $39/year This is by far the easiest to fill out. You need to provide the last name of your chair for verification. That’s it really. Then you get access to ComArts online and everything! Quite a steal for a quarterly! One of the most highly regarded creative rags out there encompassing POPs, campaigns, packaging, interviews, key art, and illustrations.

Creativity Mag + Online:
$49/year This by far almost depressed me! Because I couldn’t find the student link and the regular price for the print version and online access was nearly $100!!! All you need is a .edu account (from any school apparently) so that they can send a verification email. It’s a subsidiary of AdAge so there is a mix of BtoB and creative. Think of it like the love child if the Wall Street Journal, Eye, Lemon, AdAge and Wired had a sexual orgy.

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