If I had a tag line for the week

It’s a wrap.

This week I had an idea torn in two, felt insulted for the sake of insulted by friends, spotted ideas that have been pitched before, got dissed (in public) by several women–then cock-blocked, ran 6.4 miles, worked 9.5 hours in one day, over-ate approximately 21,000 calories, watched Art & Copy, listened to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys on repeat, got a seasonal flu shot, was paid with direct deposit, thanked my genius for the last minute inspiration, ate a breakfast burrito from Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers for the first–and last–time, had a fun night out with Zombies and chili fries =), munched on the most bomb-ass sandwiches from Famima!!, woke up on a bathroom floor, had two separate people in the same day tell me that I “thought” too much, laughed hysterically like a madman, tried to use “Social Darwinism” as a pick up line, mangled at the sound the speaker made intercepting the cell phone signal, scribbled with my sharpie in heat, failed harder, and amused myself with the thought that I too could be hopelessly smitten, forever.

Busy week.

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