99 problems, biotch!

This “It’s a wrap” comes one day early today. I’m running tonight at midnight for the Nike 10K, and probably won’t have much time to reflect as I need to rest up, then get up in several hours to run.

But to sum up this week–Did NOT have a good creative week AT ALL. Not even in the least. I feel creatively drained and I’ve been reacting and over-thinking the drama that’s been happening at school this year. I simply need to get my ass back in focus. Some good advice I heard about school drama was this–fuck everything else. Fuck drama. Fuck school. Fuck competition. Fuck everything. Because lots of things will always be fucked up. Just–WORK. When all is said and done, no one is going to remember how nice I was, but they will remember how MFn hard I worked.

So fuck it. It’s on.

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