This entry was completely contrived to make me look “hip”

Need more laughs? I don’t. But I’m lazy and desperate enough right now to look for anything to put up on the blog because I’ve slept for a total of 9 hours in the last 3 days. So I’ll post this anyway in a hurried urge to still seem relevant, even though I’m not really. I posted this a while ago, but no one really saw it so I’m doing it again because frankly it’s awesomely still… truthful. Whether or not it is what we really think in the ad world or not, the truth is that these performances are so damn good that you’ll buy it anyway sucker!

Is the truth funnier than fiction? Let me know what you think, but really, that doesn’t matter because no one ever comments on this trifle of a blog anyway. Hope I don’t give you a case of “truthful turrets”; that could be contagious! But then again, it could begood for you ad world! hahaha But you knew that already… No, you didn’t!

Fuck you! Drop dead. =)

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