Long Run 6 Miles; Week 2 Done

On Friday I felt like giving this all up. How quickly that came! I thought I could get through this easy for the next 16 weeks or at least for the first six; I was wrong. I didn’t give up tho. I didn’t fail myself. I kept at it, and felt great after. It didn’t matter that what I was experiencing was actually a chemical reaction to the pain. If felt good. I’m beginning to wonder if working out and running and all the moments or accomplishments in life are just chemical reactions released from the brain. I wonder if anyone has the power to simply tap that reaction at any time?

Went on the 6 mile long run today at the Rose Bowl at about 10am. Didn’t stop. Kept moving. Felt terrific after! 6 miles is equivalent to a 10K, so I felt like I accomplished something significant in this long run. Resting for now. Went running without the headphones this week. I think I like it better.

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