Almost LIVE Killed It

I’m a sucker for all genres of music. Hip hop, Country, Slow Jams, Adult Contemporary, Movie Scores, Classical, Polka–you name it! But there is no replacement for hearing music performed live; simply better than any thing you’ll hear on headphones. Of course there are some bands that are really bad live, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing them. The fun is just being there. Good or bad, here are just a few that give me goosebumps.

Ahhhhhhhh, Tamia. She still kills me.

They killed it. No really, they did.

Charice killed it. No really, she killed it.
(You might have to follow the link though)

The Killers killed it. No really, they did.

Arctic Monkeys killed your dancing shoes. No really, D-E-D…Dead.

Silbermond killeinstein der Symphonie Orchester der LIVE vershenstein ack kaufman Germanie breckenstein güdden.
(Silbermond rocks!)

Ob course, the Pacman always kills it. ALWAYS.

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