Long Run 7 Miles; Week 3 Done

Wow! up to seven miles. That’s pretty incredible. Took the first part of the run with the Than brothers, Lenny, and other friends this morning. Finished the seven by myself. Felt great! Had some minor physical problems this week. Feet started to ache and the right knee was a little tight. Need to start icing my knees after a run and/or start taking some ibuprofen to cut down on the swelling. My throat is a bit sore with after the runs. I take it that’s because of the heavy breathing. Watched my diet a bit more, although the DBS Thanksgiving didn’t help much with all the food I ate. (I’m soooo stuffed!) Now I feel like running again. haha Need to start eating more fruits and veggies rather than all these meats with everything. Did some XT and core on Friday with my 3 mile run at the gym. Need to start doing more core everyday to work the abs. Angela said I was looking a bit thinner, losing some weight in the face; that’s a good sign. Looking to getting some new running shoes and socks; been saving since I started training. Close, but have about have about $100 to go. Other than that, week 4 and pretty excited to start!

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