Long Run 8 Miles; Week Four Done

I AM A MARATHONER! Ask me if I’m a Marathoner and I’ll respond, “Yes, I am!”

I’m a quarter of the way there; a quarter finished. Learned a shitload about the importance of stretching. In fact, I learned that it’s more important to stretch after a run, rather than before. I never knew that, so I’ve been keeping that in mind ever since. Ran 8 miles today, and did a 5 mile increase on the medium day. The 5 mile was such a bitch and I had the hardest time doing it. I blame the outfit though. I was wearing these thick sweatpants in case it got breezy, and guess what–it didn’t. However, the 8-miler didn’t seem as tough, probably due to the training with the 5 miler; plus, I had on better apparel this time. Took the Thursday run a day early because of Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, I found a new place to run–Occidental College. Come to find out, ACCD students are allowed at the training gym at Oxy, so I get to run on a rubber track on medium days. Which means less injury for me! From now on, I’m at Oxy on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Long runs are still at the Rose Bowl, as it is beautiful to look out at the scenery on Sunday mornings.

This next week I run my first 10-miler. Wish me luck!

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