Long Run 10 Miles; Week 5 Done

Tonight’s run was really cold. I had to bundle up a bit more than usual. Started out at about 4pm. The sky when I started out today was filled with dark clouds like it was about to rain, with little patches of sunlight bursting through. The sunlight was perfect for any photoshoot; not too direct but gazing as if suspended, but then again, not good for running at all. It was too cold! I noticed that my form had changed a bit this week, a bit more of a stride rather than a jump. I’ve been keeping tabs on my breathing and stretching more after the run. I lost a bit of weight–3 pounds. Learned a lot about fluids and loaded up on a lot of carbs during the week to facilitate the long run. I did stop a bit more than usual on this long run; either I was too afraid that I might overdo it or too heavy from all the carb intake. I felt rather alone on this one. It was the first time I actually hated what I was doing at the moment. My mind was somewhere else. It must be finals!

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