Long Run 14 Miles; Week 8 DONE

The treadmill I broke. LOL

I feel fan-fuckin-tastic! This is surreal… I’ve already finished the half-marathon in training; everything else from this point (I’m hoping) will just improve my endurance. Also, halfway done with training; only 8 more weeks left!

This week started out late: I couldn’t run on Tuesday so I squeezed in my 4 mile run on Wednesday morning before I went to work; from my house, down Yosemite and swung around part of Eagle Rock Blvd and Ellenwood, then back up Yosemite. Then I did my 6 mile run at the Rose Bowl on Thursday. I took a break Friday only to squeeze in the second 4 mile run, running the the same Yosemite route, on Saturday afternoon. By today I felt like a knot, as in “not” good, from my feet slamming the pavement all week. After futilely mapping out a 14 mile route from my house and threw Glendale, I figured I throw in the towel on this mapping crap and do my body (and legs) some good by hitting the treadmill. So I went to the 24 Hour Fitness (24 Hour FITNESS!!!), which is not the “ideal” place to do a long-ass run. I took some ibuprofen for the swelling beforehand, and off I went. I ended up doing 14.23 miles!!! The whole time I used my entire arsenal of concentration and motivation techniques to keep me focused. The first machine I was on for an hour even broke down, turning off and never turning back on. haha Sorry 24! I didn’t have any clean workout shirts, so my white cotton tee was completely soaked by the end of it. I even band-aided my nipples so it wouldn’t chafe. But I swear, the ultimate high was when I was done like 3 and a half hours later; you couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. Didn’t I say earlier that this was going to be a good week?

Next week, 16 miles.

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