Long Run 16 Miles; Week 10 DONE

Today was the ACSG Leadership Retreat and I spent the whole day with my colleagues for the upcoming year. In getting to know them, I realized we had more in common than I previously thought. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to being a integral part of the Art Center community.

But despite the business of today, I got to run my long run of 16 miles! I took a long nap shortly after I got home and woke up around 10pm. I swear I was still tired, but just like the book stated, whatever excuse I came up with NOT to go, I just added, “…but it doesn’t matter.” I’m glad I did because I feel fan-fuckin-tastic once again!

The week started with a run around the block. I had to pick up my brother’s car from the shop so I detoured the route so that I’d end up there at the 5th mile, then drive the car back. It worked out. On my 8 mile day, I figured that the concrete might be a little hard on my toes, so I changed it up and went to Oxy to run on their track. On Friday, I had to run another 5 mile, so I went to the Rose Bowl because it was a little early and the track wouldn’t be crowded at that part of the day. Today, waking up at 10pm I had no choice but to run at 24 hour (again). Ya that right! 24 HOUR!!! I spent about 4 hours there. First hour running a 4.75 miles, the next hour a 4.5 miles, etc until I got to the last hour at about 2.75 miles to go. I swear, by the time the last hour came, I was talking SOOOO much shit OUT LOUD to the personifications of “pain, self-doubt, cramps, cigarettes, regret, etc.” that I was glad no one was in the place to hear me! My legs started cramping up at both calves, and almost fell and slipped off the tread several times. So I started talking shit to the cramps as well; imagining it was some last ditch effort for pain to stop me. In the end, I ended up the victor with just 0.01 over my goal distance (just to be a that much more of a jerk!) I’m a good loser, but a BAAAAAD winner! hahaha It was the best feeling in the world…

I got home and drank 24 chilled ounces of Syntha-6. Now, as I type this I can feel my knees sore. I took some ibuprofen before and after the run to cut down on the swelling. I’m hoping I won’t be too sore in the morning.

Personally, I’m glad I had a plan before I began this process, and sincerely, the book I bought has been a excellent guide to coax me through this. Emotionally, this experience has been a roller coaster, especially right after a long run. The training definitely messes with the chemical balance in my brain, so there are huge shifts of mood. For example, I saw a music video just now about this girl and her dad and I swear, I almost started to cry. But knowing this is a good thing. There have been other huge hurdles, both physically and ESPECIALLY mentally, that I’ve driven myself to overcome. Without the pure will and perseverance to succeed, I would say that all my effort would be lost. This blog is sort of an insurance plan to help me sort out these goals. The satisfaction after the week is absolutely all worth it, and has given me hope in myself that I can achieve many things.

Next week I’ll be coming back from Mammoth, so I don’t know exactly when I’ll be fitting this into my schedule. But despite that, it’s the same program as this week’s–5/8/5/16 miles. Been continuing on the weight resistance training and already it looks as if I’ve slimmed down a bit, but just a bit. I need to start increasing my carb intake and cut down on all the junk. –YUCK!

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