Long Run 18 miles; Week 12 DONE

I seriously don’t know how I’m doing this. It’s really unbelievable.

Spent last night re-reading this week’s section and found that I could really hit “the wall” in the next couple of weeks. Luckily, I didn’t this week. Also reassessed the goal of this half-marathon, which is simply: TO FINISH. Today went well as I ran my six times around the Rose Bowl. It had been pouring rain all week, so I especially enjoyed the beautiful, bright sunny day. I really couldn’t ask for a more perfect run day; a mix of warm sunny spots and cool shades. I started out at almost noon and ended at about half past 4pm. I felt pretty rusty at the beginning and really couldn’t get warmed up until the end of mile six and the beginning of mile seven. I was worried earlier that I hadn’t consumed enough carbs this week for this long run, but it ended up turning out okay. Parked the car close to the entrance so I could hydrate after each leg–every three miles. Funny, earlier in the week I realized that I was running six mile shorts instead of five, so that addded some extra mileage on the cumulative runs. Didn’t mind after all, since I’d been dropping or failing on some previous run days. Breezed through the next 2 legs, but took my time on the last leg, afraid that at any second my leg would start cramping up. Ended up not cramp up much at all. After the run, the pulsing soreness in my feet kinda reminded me of when I used to work the shows at HIN; up on my feel all night, running back and forth; stage managing and MCing. haha “No wonder”, I thought.

The rest of the week was just pouring down, serious rain and sucked donkey balls. I ran all my runs at 24, which isn’t bad, until you realize that the place is especially “musty” because everyone else has no where else to work out either. Gross… This week I hope to run at Oxy again since the weather’s cleared up. Also gotta invest in a pair of new running shoes. My current ones are beginning to bark, literally.

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