Long Run; Week 13 Sick & Injured

I’ve been out of the running for a several days. Sickness started on Tuesday night with a little scratch in my throat. I took some Airborne just in case I started to get sick. Woke up the next morning and guess what? That’s right–SICK. Had a cough and hack up some colored, squishy stuff, so already I knew that wasn’t a good sign. Chilled for that Wednesday, but picked up my 8 mile run on Thursday. Too exhausted after and woke up with an injured right knee on Friday. The knee doesn’t bother me when I walk, but when I straighten it out, the knee cap feels numbly and sore. Took some ibuprofen just in case to cut the swelling. Gotta look into it more, but hopefully I’ll be okay for Tuesday’s run. Didn’t run at all on Friday or the long run on Sunday. Been chillin out a bit; more important to recover than push myself too hard. The good thing is that I start tapering off my runs starting this week, meaning that the runs will get shorter from this point on in anticipation for the marathon–or in my case half-marathon in three weeks. I’m pretty excited!

Major investment in my feet this week. I mentioned last week that I needed a new pair of running shoes, so I went out and bought some, and then some! Started breaking in my new New Balance 1225s (*seen above). I love em so far! Also invested in additional insoles for added cushion on my feet. Lastly, got a pair of high-end, no-show running socks for the long runs, and a pack of regular no-shows for regular training days.

I just hope I get over this cough before Tuesday!

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