Long Run 9 Miles; Week 14 Done

Yes, I’m writing this on Tuesday. I couldn’t run the 9 Miles on Sunday so I ran it on Monday. Resting today and no working out; nothing. Started the week a slow with a 5/8/5 schedule ran switching locales between 24 fit and the Rose Bowl. I felt pretty tired on the runs this week, which is funny because the mileage is more than I’m accustomed to in this training. I’m tapering off my mileage; slowly bringing it down to prepare for the big run in two weeks. The longest miles of training are over.

Now begins phase two. The book stresses to not gain or lose any weight for the next few weeks; trying to keep my weight within two or three pounds, give or take. That’s cool if I was running a full-marathon, but I’m on the half, so I think I can continue to lose. Starting again on weight resistance, but more or less for my legs. I still feel my kneecap wiggle a bit, so I’m doing some knee bends. I’m also working on some weight resistance in the legs too.

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