The First Half

This Sunday I will be running in my first half-marathon.

I’ve spent the past two weeks tapering down my runs to a 3 mile constant, so I’m not getting up on myself for not updating the Sunday blog. I’ve tapering off my mileage to prepare for this Sunday–last week at a 3-5-3-9 mile program, this to a simple 3-3-(walk 3) . Wow…this SUNDAY! I’ve come to the week of the race. A part of me is worried about incurring some sort of injury; my right knee is a little sore to the outside and feeling a bit wobbly. My diet hasn’t changed, so I still enjoy a good piece of junk food quite often. There have definitely been drawbacks in training for this Half-Marathon, but I can’t believe I’ve come to this point.

This whole experience has given me a more health conscious attitude. In the past I’ve yo-yoed between chubby and slim just as I’d imagine anyone else growing up and growing old would. But with this experience, I’ve noticed that the more aware I am of my body, the more I build a greater sense of self-confidence and motivation. I can definitely say that its made a positive impact on my life. I just wish that I learned about this sooner, but as I progress, I’m becoming the person that I’ve always wanted to be.

Tomorrow I’m going on my last 3 mile walk and picking up my packet. I’m gonna take it all in. On the horizon, I’m considering going on a fast after this. A spiritual and physical transformation. A cleanse will be good for me I think. So here’s to this Sunday! I hope to be blogging about finishing soon!

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