I almost missed today

I can understand how a strong father figure can make a good role model.

My dad and I went to the Pasadena Symphony tonight and I think its the first time in a long time that we got to kick it. We talked about some future goals I had in mind and other stuff. But really, it was just cool to have my father just listen and give me his 2 cents on life. Then we got to listen to some cool music that I know he appreciated. (He plays the guitar.) He said the most profound thing…He said that when he doesn’t play music, he “feels sick”; its something that he just MUST do. I’m blessed that my house has always been filled with music in it no matter what time, day or night. And just him saying that helped me understand him a little better. So blessed that I had this one day with him.

I’m so happy I didn’t miss today!

One Response to I almost missed today

  1. Ray,

    Great to hear about your dad and your experience. Countless studies has show the importance of exposing children to arts and music. Doing so unlocks their creativity and forever shapes their future.

    I hope you will bring your dad to the next Pasadena Symphony concert on April 10th. Celino Romero, a guitar master and member of the famous Romero family, will be joining the Pasadena Symphony.


    I hope you have also seen the Pasadena Symphony and POPS brochure for the 2010-11 Season. It features the art work of the Agency!

    Hope to see you there!


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