6 Miles never felt so far

I went for 6 miles today. That was the longest 6 miles that I’ve ran in about a month. I’ve totally slacked as far as my training has gone, but I’m not upset as I’m really not having any sort of goal right now. I did my workout at Oxy on Tuesday and Thursday, and tried actually running to Oxy on Thursday. Man, was I tired! If I am going to keep up that sort of regiment, I think I’m going to have to do it quite more often as the huge hill on Townsend is a big bitch to conquer. Other than that, I skipped Friday’s run because I’ve been sick practically the whole week. Today’s run I did with no headphones so that I could really concentrate on my breathing and pace.

Hope to step up the training this week with weights and increase in mileage. I really gotta start watching what I take in as well.

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