Cuz all of us need some fixin’

Recently, I had a discussion with a classmate about emotions and how at our school, some believe that to display any sort of emotion is a sign of weakness. Of course, I think this is a big sack of bullshit frankly, as we are designers and need to be both compassionate and intuitive to the human experience. What will our work be if we are never excited for it? So on that note, I will never get sick of listening to this song. I’m not a big fan, but I emote several incredible things while listening to Fix You by Coldplay, that’s why its on repeat on my playlist so frequently and probably the third time I’ve posted this thing on YRBK.

This song empowers me with the belief that I have the power to change anything and everything in my life, good and bad, through honest virtue. I remember family, friends, colleagues, and classmates who are with despair or sorrow, because life just really blows sometimes. I think of God, and how I believe that He is watching me, singing along to this song (and He is BTW). As lonely and hard as life can get sometimes in this constant hustle, I need to believe that I’m not alone in this life; that all of us just need some fixin’ sometimes.

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