Remembering Dad

I’ve found it difficult writing about this, as it would be for anyone. For the past two weeks, my family and I have been in mourning over the sudden death of our beloved dad, Reynaldo. Undoubtedly, we have missed him every moment since and know that he is in Heaven now.

My dad was the most patient, understanding, strongest, and loving human being that I’ve ever known. Dad was always my hero. He wasn’t the raging extrovert that me and the rest of my family are; he was a quiet and simple man with an extraordinary intellect, unwavering faith in Christ; with a gift and complete obsession for music. He never liked rap music though; mocking my “raps music” in his Filipino accent in the car. But believe me, he was overly tolerant and practiced some restraint of me blasting it every time I was driving with him.

I think it was a little less than a year ago that he found out that, like him, I also listened to other genres of music–Salsa, Classical, Rock, Movie Scores, etc. I remember that was some of our last conversations about music; how in Salsa the bass was on the off-beat rather than the down beat, or how the strings would come in on the measure. The other occasions were in the couple of times he and I went to the Pasadena Symphony together.

He was the first one I told out of my whole family that I got accepted to Art Center, on a scholarship no doubt, and the one I brought with me to my acceptance orientation for school. I remember talking to him about my game plan–how I was planning to consolidate all my expenses and debt, take out a substantial educational loan for myself, and how this would benefit my continuing career path. I gambled on the fact that he would support me through all this, but granted that I was upgrading my education and pursuing an undergrad, I figured he would understand how serious I was about all this and how this was all worth it in the long run. Thankfully, he completely supported me and would even wake me up on school days just to make sure I wouldn’t be late for class, or if I even had class whether that be later or otherwise. I remember a couple of occasions when I almost missed class if it wasn’t for him. He knew I was on top of it though, so sometimes I’d just thank him because he was so awesome about it. He even understood when I took my leave of absence last term. I can imagine he was a little scared, but like I mentioned in earlier blogs, knew I was still involved in school one way or another, and just as busy.

Without his complete love and support, I don’t think I’d be looking forward to returning to school, determined and ambitious as ever. As of now, school starts in less than 24-hours and I plan on finishing in a year. I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to give him a hug or see his face on graduation day, but I know he’ll be there, as he will always be in our hearts.

My dad passed away on April 30, 2010 shortly after he returned home from choir practice. On the night of his passing, the last thing my mom had just spoken to him about was my sister’s new wedding dress, and she told him (in Tagalog) that it was not just pretty, but “very pretty”. I’m confident that made him very, very happy.

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