ACSG Meeting Dates & Times

Hi AD friends,
I wanted to provide you with the schedule of the ACSG meetings just in case you wanted to sit in and/or address your concerns to the council. The meetings are open to all students, faculty, and administration. No appointment needed! Meetings are held in the Board Room which is located up the hall from Enrollment Services and conducted on rotating days on a weekly basis. It can get confusing so please make note of the dates and times.

ACSG Meetings SUM10

Thursday – 5/20, 5pm-7pm
Monday – 5/24, 7pm-9pm
Thursday – 6/3, 5pm-7pm
Monday – 6/7, 7pm-9pm
Thursday – 6/17, 5pm-7pm
Monday – 6/21, 7pm-9pm
Thursday – 7/1, 5pm-7pm
Monday – 7/5, 7pm-9pm
Thursday – 7/15, 5pm-7pm
Monday – 7/19, 7pm-9pm
Thursday – 7/29, 5pm-7pm
Monday – 8/2, 7pm-9pm

One Response to ACSG Meeting Dates & Times

  1. Addendum:

    ACSG Meetings have moved from the Boardroom to Conference Room B on Thursdays only.

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