Getting back up

By far this has been my toughest week overall in my career at Art Center. I’ve been busy with one project or another. Truth be told I’m currently working on at least 12 campaigns. Talk about time management. I’ve been noticing that I’ve caught myself losing my internal locus of control in my self-motivating rallies. Meaning, I’ve been saying “You can do this…You are the man.” Instead of “I can do this…I am the man.” I see it as a clear indication of low self-esteem and confidence.

I’m not out of the funk yet. But I’m pushing through. (Hey, I had to give myself some sense of hope, right?) I’ve started smoking the cigs again which I am not proud of it. So I gotta start running again and keep at this. Who ever says that ideas are easy is a liar. I need to understand that everyone goes through this–even the best of the best as learned from my little lesson at Chiat last week. I think that’s the most important thing. Resilience speaks a lot about character and in this business, it speaks volumes.

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