Zombies in 2012. Maybe.

On December 21st 2012, human thought will evolve beyond current human understanding. As we receive a burst of sun rays from the alignment of the planets, this will transform us; not suddenly, but over time. These cosmic rays will increase our brain power and give us the ability to alter the powers of the human mind, perception, and environment, to say the least. It will bring about great thought and innovation and at the same time have adverse effects. Because of our brain capacity will increase, it will enable us to tap into “strange” powers like telekinesis and the manipulation of energy. This will not only have an affect on inanimate objects and energies, but said power will seemingly confirm the medieval belief of the “raising of the dead.” Or in laymen’s terms–Zombies. Some will take this as prophecy and signs of the end of the world; others will dig deeper. I don’t know if Zombies will actually “eat” human flesh. But my point being—hey, maybe it’s not a bad idea to buy a rifle. I’m just sayin…

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