Deep, I know…

Had one of these kinda moments very recently. It’s amazing how much fun I’ve had, learning, these past couple of weeks. Spending time talking to faculty and staff has signigicantly changed my perspective in my design education. It’s hard to describe. The best I can say right now is that I thought I’d be going to school to learn about Advertising. And now I’m coming to find a much broader sense of that definition.

I’ve witnessed for myself the thought and process involved in art and design. It’s in everything. Within the human experience. Within population. Within the progression of society. Etc. I thought I’d simply be a better Art Director coming out of this school. Now I realize that I’ve been missing out. And it’s exciting me!

Scholastically, this has quite possibly been my worst and best term. The result of jumping back into the process again has bar none been the most challenging experience yet. Having to juggle clients at Agency, represent the Ad Dept. in Student Government, and classwork in my studio classes tested me at times.

There was no time to grieve the loss of my father. With no regrets. Because I’ve been shaped into a better person, a sharper Art Director, and a humble admirer of design. Something I wish he was here to see me achieve, or at least spark. I think he’d be proud. I am taking time during this break to grieve. It has been amazing having family and friends to have my back.

It’s my mid-term in my Art Center career. I plan on finishing.

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