Working Vegas

So I’m in Vegas. Working on a film shoot at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand for my friends at ThemToo. It’s been real exciting being on a guerilla shoot. And it’s not fair that a pathetic sap like me gets to witness this much half-naked flesh everywhere. Hot. P. Diddy and Will.I.Am to shoot in the next two days. But nothing, I mean nothing, is exciting as the DJs playing the weekend. It’s exciting to have this opportunity. Can my life get any more effed? haha But for real, I’m getting that feeling when I ask myself, “…And I’m getting PAID for this?” A little change of pace from the mundanity of Art Center life.

It’s been a good break so far. Funny, I was greeted tonight with “Assalamu alaikum”, the Islam greeting of peace. I guest I look like I’ve from the Nation. It’s been my fashion lately. Or maybe it’s the fact I’ve been at peace. Shit, maybe it’s the glasses. I just thought it was a little unexpected. Now I just gotta start doing pushups. Random. But on that note-PEACE.

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