Goapale Vs. Drake

Everything here is connected. From Goapale’s Closer to Drake’s “Closer To My Dreams” where he mentions Filipinos. Where some aregue he’s referring to the book below. Say what you want about Filipinos, but Filipinos are the only ethnicity of melting pot culture. We’re diversified. So if there are any Filipinos thinking about traveling to Egypt. Give the nifty book a look ya?

I remember I said via Facebook that I wonder if everyone in the world would someday look Filipino. Well, if you really think about it…The Philippine Islands is probably one of the few nations to be conquered and/or populated by a combination of Aboriginal, Malay, Chinese, Spanish, American, and Japanese. Quite a mix if you think about it. We’re all happas! (Happa dis and happa dat). That’s a lot of combinations! And with all these mix of races in the world, I’m compelled to think that most people will eventually look Filipino in this globalized culture. That, or Martian.

Are we better? Nah. But we’re much more happaer. (Happaerrrrr…)

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