Sunlight and High Noon

I posted this YouChoob bidjo (YouTube Video) a while back on my MySpace blog. (MySpace…Remember that?) And was just reminded of it this weekend when Reccie played it on his iPhone. It’s such a sweet melody and Lea sings it so beautifully. Watching her still inspires me.

In other life, I’m busier now more than ever and have to invest a lot on time management this term. I’m taking a full-load of classes, and working part-time at school and on freelance projects. I took on only one client for freelance. But school curriculum, Agency clients, and business with the school in ACSG will keep me overwhelmed if I don’t manage my time correctly. It’s not impossible, but it is going to be intense. And I’m already looking forward to vacation. (Whistler anyone?)

I hope that I keep on track. I have to pay off the balance on tuition this term which comes out to about $3G’s. So I’m pulling double shifts in order to support my need. And the need is great. I’m still enthusiastic and optimistic, but I’m having to sacrifice a lot of personal time and social life in the process.

I’ve learned that we all need to sacrifice much. Life is too short. So whether that is selfish of me or not, I relent and think “no” when I think about my family first.

Right now life is a little grim, but this is what I CAN do right now.

The best is on it’s way.

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