Busy week for me. I started feeling a lot better as I’ve been sick for the past couple weeks. I got to spend some time with friends beginning on Wednesday just in time for my birthday, and really had fun dancing the night away in Hollywood. On Thursday, ACSG hosted the Hillside Harvest, a school-wide festival, to give back to the students. Free food and refreshments for everyone! I even played a round of “chubby bunny.”

On Friday, I started my Crashvertising class with Gary Goldsmith, who is one of the most successful Creative Directors to graduate from Art Center. Crash is a three-day, full-time 9am-4pm studio that encompasses 14 weeks of work in two weeks. I’m fortunate to learn from his process and experiences, and he’s given some great advice regarding our career so far.

It was my birthday on Saturday. My family had a 6-month memorial Mass for my Dad in the morning. I had to read the Second Reading for the Mass. After we had a reception, and my mom even bought a cake for my birthday. Then I went to my second day of Crash. After, I celebrated my birthday with friends at Rockwell VT which was also my Halloween. I went as Superboy. The next day I was tossed! But luckily, I have a good partner in the class and although I’m known to be a diligent worker, I get to get this “out” for one night. After all, his birthday is next week. haha

My week hasn’t ended yet. It rolled into Monday. I have tons to do, but really excited to get it all done. I’m taking the advice that Gary’s given us and not fearing the pain of the process. These next two weeks are going to be grueling on my schedule and at times like these I’m glad I have a family that loves me, friends that got my back, teachers that inspire me, and the best colleagues on the planet. I can’t complain.

It’s like it never ends.

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