The two most powerful words I heard today were “I am.” I’m sure I’ve heard it before. But it was only until today, that I realized how powerful those words–“I AM”–are.

I am RAD, and I am going to actually write this. I am an Art Director. I am a student. I’m going to graduate and earn my first undergrad within a year from the leading design college in the world. I’m still in shock too. I am somewhat of a teacher; a preacher; a listener. I am the son, and I’m also the older brother and the younger one. I am your friend, as well as the fiend. I’m thought of as the “nice guy.” I’m also not fond of being called that. Rather, I’m more about simply living a “good” life.

I am an odd one. More so in fact, because despite if you keep reading this or not, I’m stubborn enough to keep writing. It’s stupid to you; I’m sure. But I am happy with my life. I am also sad that you can’t see the point in all this.

I am really tired of school right now. I am always steady and ready to quit. But, I am resilient and although I hate the stress, what I do always gives me a reason to love it again, like an hot girlfriend. I must tell myself that what I’m hating is managing my time so closely. I’m a freebird and a creative, defiantly. So after all this, I’m going to hire an assistant. After all, I am paying for this myself, and after graduation I am going to be in a whole lot of muthafuckin’ debt.

I’m starting to smoke again. I’m stressed out that I want to quit, so I have another cigarette because the whole thing stresses me out. I’m crazy like that. Popeye said once, “I amsk what I amsk…”

I’m random, aren’t I?

I’m on Jupiter right now, so I’m looking at the Earth which of course is the past. I am going to be a success, and I’m working at it every day. You see, soon I’m gonna write myself a check for $5 million dollars, but I know despite all that money, that will not make me happy. I am sure of it.

What I am sure of, is that I’m happy when I dream. I’m all about getting to know females. But I’m skeptical, because I meet really odd ones in odd situations and delusions. So I’m single. And I thank God I’m disease free. I am sure that just for that, I am the luckiest man on the planet.

I am a believer. I am a transformer. I am Superman, Jesus Christ, Darth Vader, Ghandi, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Singleton, Sara Michelle Gellar, CB-1, Satan, Celso Fueconcillo, Hitler, Einstein, Mozart, and muther effin fuck face. And I am crazy; completely nuts.

By the time you read this line, I’m sure you will be saying either, “Whatevz”, “WTF was that? or “Keep telling yourself that bitch.”

I’m sure you’ll figure out in time that that wasn’t really the point now, was it?

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