It’s Windy Tonight

My leave of absence has been pretty far-out so far. I’m working with Allen, Jerry, and Jo everyday, and everyday feels like an adventure. It’s funny because instead of finding an internship, I pretty much made my own internship by forming a new agency. I’m sure in some capacity I should be worried. But I’m not, cause I’m completely surrounded by success. I feel blessed. So it’s been truly great.

I’ll be travelling soon for Jo’s tour. It’s one show date for now, and hopefully two by April, to gain a little knowledge of the terrain and get a broader scope of our business. It’s also to get the hell out of dodge. haha After so many months in LA, I gotta travel again and continue seeing the world.

I’m looking forward to going back to school. I know my schedule will be completely bazookanuts next term. But I’m sure I’ll be able to get through 2 studios and academics no problem…hahaha yea right! Luckily I have a whole year until graduation. I’m a little scared, but hopeful. Reckless, ambitious, and determined, like the wind.

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