Peelings… Nahting more den…

I’ve been feeling like writing in this for a while now.
School is in full swing and I’m staying up tonight to prepare for a presentation for my Ad Lab at Ogilvy. It’s going, but going fairly sluggishly. I’m sure I’ll survive and look like a complete mess tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I’ve been a Gonzo lately.
Teetering between work and madness, like something out of a Hunter S. Thompson novel. I’m exploring a typographic project on him for my Type 3 Class with Simon Johnston. It’s going well, but I need more time to look for paper and layouts. I hope to get it all finished tomorrow.

Carbon I cum!

My academics classes are fairly interesting. My first class, Materials and Methods with Bob Schureman, is fascinating. It’s a definite juxtaposition from Design For Sustainability. I thought it was the shop class, honestly! I made carbon fiber today.

What you see is definitely not what you get.
My other academic class proves it. Psychology and Psyche of Perception with Prof. Robert Sprujit–-A mix of biology, psychology, anatomy and a dab of philosophy. Craze man, and taught brilliantly.

Around school, I have a general feeling to learn again. There is a silent hope for the future in the silent whispers I say to myself around campus. I’m definitely engaged in school. Now if I could just make another loan. I could really get kicked out of school if I can’t pay the tuition by the end of term. I’m really concerned about that right now.

I’m in relatively okay health. I find myself working out a little bit more everyday. I run, do pushups, dips, and jump rope. But I’m smoking again, and it doesn’t look like I have the willpower so I’ll take whatever I can get. No plan here, just trying to relieve stress.


I wanna get out this Summer. I’ve been trying to strike the gentle balance between social life and work life. I know the two can co-exist. I’m really beginning to see how much of a dork I am. And it feels humbling, since I’ve been so perfect in my life so far.

Did I mention that humor is also on my list of to-dos?
–I’m working on it.

That is all. Alright, back to work.

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