This whole FML is an idea.

I’ve had ideas all along. I didn’t realize it. And I didn’t let them out. So that’s kinda depressing…(wonk wonk)

I realized this week that along the way of going to school, I came up with the bad habit of holding on too closely to my ideas, like they were my precious little babies. I should’ve listened to every creative I ever learned from or read about. “Kill your darlings” rings truer in my mind right now than it ever has. I’m such a dork.

This week also marked the end of week 12 and into week 13 –Finals. I’m busier than ever and not getting much sleep. I’m like this for the next two weeks.

It’s been such a bitch waking up from naps. I feel like my eye sockets are gonna pop outta my head. So I go back to bed and lay there for another 10 minutes. Trying to get up the strength to refocus my brain. Then I realize how much work I need to do and say fuck it, and close my eyes again for another 10 minutes. Before I know it, I’m scrambling trying to wake up. It’s a constant battle and painful existence in which I can’t sleep because I don’t want to have to reboot again.

FML forrealz forrealz.

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