First week of school, for the last time.

Week one. Still going. Classes are done, but already paired up with partners in both my studios. Concept sessions seem great so far, and we’re making headway getting all the dreaded low-hanging fruit out of the way. So through the fire we go. I hope its a good final ride!

First class is Shootsell with the legendary Mel Sant and Stephen Swintek as instructors. Art Directors and Photo majors partner up on ads. They see our process; we see theirs. A great combo. Even better than the #1 from In-N-Out I had this afternoon.

On the same day I’m entered in Competition Class with Patrick O’Rourke and Nik Piscitello, alums and working creatives. My dick is already bigger from taking this class; Balls–like a rock baby!

Not Yo Mama’s Gender Study is my first academic this term. It’s basically about gender. And sex. And homos. And everything your mom found in the closet waaaay in the back next to the lotion and ripped up into little pieces. Etc. Yea, that stuff. Not for those who are sensitive to certain subject matter. And Yani.

Urban Anthropology is my last class focussing on subcultures from a scientific POV. I’m told by my instructor that he may be the only Anthropologist that I may ever meet. Hopefully, the next one will smell nice and have the most heavenly face. And smart. And will be willing to listen to my wild and crazy ideas. And have a working vagina.

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