Got Mikioed

My last Week 13 and there’s a shit ton to do until graduation. Just started on my site and finally figured out the admin of Cargo. Now I have to revamp my campaigns and layout my book. A LOT of work to do. I’m picking up my business cards today. Can’t wait! Hopefully I can get this all done by tomorrow. And get some sleep!

Ran into Mikio last night after his ACAN Class and I gotta say, I really honor that man. Very inspiring. Very real. His wisdom and tact are second to none. I can’t tell you how he does it. It’s like he’s a mind reader.

It’s been a long road. As campy as it may sound, I feeling like this chapter is coming to an end. Like Mikio told me, “It’s time to get outta school, and get out there.” He always kept it simple. Domo my friend.

3 Responses to Got Mikioed

  1. Adam says:

    Good luck dude. Can’t wait to see the work.

  2. Bill Ross says:

    Issob Morocco – First only 33% responded to the request (3416 out of 10200), of those asked to respond who did respond 27.5% thought man was leading cause of AGW. Hardly the type of poll numbers to say the matter is resolved as you did.You obviously don’t understand what statistical sampling is. I have no patience for your idiocy. Go look it up.Secondly, one has to ask why would an environmental scientist want to measure opinions of their colleagues? Would that not be better left to social scientists, statisticians and opinion researchers?An independent researcher was part of it, dipshit. Learn to read:“Questions used were reviewed by a polling expert who checked for bias in phrasing, such as suggesting an answer by the way a question was worded.”Third point, bias drips from the paragraphs,No, it’s your own brain drowning in bias that makes you think that.dbp – Would you be listing oil companies as credible experts if they denied AGW? No?Of course not, because their motives would be clearly more understandable in that case of being deniers/skeptics themselves for self-preservation. That they’re doing the opposite is what’s so powerful. You can’t get that on your own because you’re a conservative and, sadly, retarded.

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